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Hello and welcome to our blog! Thanks for joining us on our adventure-we’re glad you’re here.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and take some time to poke around a little bit to see what we have to offer you. 

 In this blog you’ll find information on lots of places to visit, reviews of the places we’ve discovered, as well as some ways you can make travel more affordable, with tips we’ve discovered to make things easier along the way. Whether you’re just beginning your travel journey, or if you’re looking to make travelling the world a full time lifestyle, you’ll find something here for you. It’s never too late and it’s easier than you think.

 We’re a couple that loves to travel. We’ve been travelling together for 35 years and doing our own research and bookings online for about half of that. We’ve had some fantastic adventures and lots of fun through the years and learned so much (We’ll be sharing some of our absolute highlights, as well as some of the losers.)  Our number one goal for this blog is to share the joy that we’ve discovered through travelling, to ignite in our readers a burning desire to step out and discover new places, and provide the tools and information to do that. The enrichment and satisfaction we have gained through our years of travel are gifts we feel compelled to share. 

 Like most independent travellers we turned to the internet for information; destination guides, booking sites, and forums.  Although we found lots of information, each of these had its limitations; we found online destination guides only slightly less static than printed ones, and we wondered how objective a booking site could really be.  With the boom in the digital nomad lifestyle, we found an abundance of personal blog posts that  provided plenty of reviews and location information, but it seemed they all had one thing in common- they were written by and geared toward millennials and the new digital nomads.  So, when we asked ourselves what we could offer to fill any particular gap in online travel sources, we had to ask what we would like to find online as we search for information, what seems to be missing?

 We found the answer looking back at us as we looked in the mirror!  Yep. Facial lines and extra chins. Middle age. We’ve been around long enough to remember travel agents and folding road maps. While at the heart of it all we seek the same things as those young millenials – that is, fun, adventure, new experiences and exciting discoveries, our travel style has changed and our comfort level has evolved. We cannot pretend to be anything other than what we are;  we can only write what we see from the way we see it. We’re Baby Boomers and Vagabonds. If you are too, then this blog is for you.

 June 2019, we sold our home and most of our belongings to set out on a year of full time travel. With no fixed itinerary we’ll be visiting a number of countries, hoping to fill our retirement with brand new experiences and exciting destinations. So follow along, and come with us on a brand new kind of  “Senior Year Abroad”